Glass containers - microwave safe lids

Pyrex designed a special microwave glass container that can be used to reheat your meals in all safety. Pyrex made this container hygienic and thermal shock resistant. The glass microwave container is designed to make your life easier in the kitchen, easy transfer between the freezer and the microwave as well as transporting it wherever you go thanks to it's very convenient lid.

If you want to heat your meals safely in the microwave, choose a healthy, hygienic and thermal shock resistant Pyrex container. Pyrex chooses only quality materials for it's microwave containers to ensure no chemical substance transfer in your meals but also to save space in your kitchen closet since you can easily stack them one on top of each other. They are also very practical since you can take them anywhere you want thanks to a very convenient lid. The ultimate microwave container, completly healty and practical!

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