Pyrex slow cook- A mix between tradition and modernity! The Pyrex slowcook range has been specially designed for cooking recipes where simmering meals for a long time is neccessary ex: stews & soups. The Pyrex manufacturing process produces a lighter steel cast iron, but still has a high heat retention to slowly simmer your food. The enamel that is applied on the inside and outside of the casseroles strengthens it's resistance. Pyrex slowcook products are compatible with all types of induction and non induction hobs and can also be used in the oven. The range offers 8 round and oval shapes of different sizes, each available in 2 colors: red and slate grey

With the Pyrex slowcook range, make any recipes that requires simmering your ingredients. Discover slowcook cast irons, casseroles in all shapes and sizes compatible with the oven and all types of induction and non induction hobs. Slowcook casseroles are durable and comfortable, easy to clean and allow to simmer your meals for a long period of time. let yourself be tempted by Pyrex Slowcook enamelled cast iron casserole.

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